Client Testimonials

"I hereby offer the strongest possible recommendation on behalf of Robateau & Associates. My daughter's experience was first-rate, and the results were notable. She improved her self-confidence; her reading skills improved ten-fold, and she carried lessons learned from Robateau & Associates into her kindergarten admissions interview, wherein she scored "very high" on the verbal."

Dr. Lance J. (father of client, Brooklyn Heights)

"Robateau & Associates was extremely patient and responsive to John's unique social and behavioral challenges. They found creative ways to make the experience of teaching him how to better express himself as pleasant as possible. As a result, Jon's temperament improved and now he is more social with other children. Just after four months, we saw amazing results and can only imagine the outcome after a year enrolled in the program."

Emily F. (mother of client, Park Slope)

"I want to take this opportunity to thank Robateau & Associates for not only helping my 4-month old son Matthew but empowering us to further assist him at home. Tom and I were at our wits end. Matthew would not eat and was visibly undernourished. After just a couple of weeks, I had learned techniques to improve his feeding and was given a device (that should be patented) that helped my baby eat and swallow. He's has gotten so big now. I can't thank the people at Robateau & Associates enough."

Amy S. (mother of client, Clinton Hill)

"The service at Robateau & Associates is second to none. We were going on a family vacation to Paris for the entire summer. We were concerned that Shelly would regress if she were not to receive speech therapy for such a long period of time. But that was okay. Robateau & Associates has a Tele-practice as well. So twice a week, via the computer and webcam, Shelly was able to communicate with her service provider so she didn't miss a beat. Shelly could see and talk to the service provider and work on the video worksheets as the service provider supervised. It worked out really well. It's good to know wherever my family goes, Robateau & Associates can go with us."

Franklin G. (father of client, Fort Greene)