Competitive Package

Maximizing Performance for Professionals, Ages 19+

Who benefits? Clients seeking one or more of the following:

  • Mental Responsiveness Suitable for Competitive Sports, Artistic Creativity or Fast-paced Work Environment.
  • Expansion of Memory Recall.

Program Length: 5 weeks             Time Commitment: 60 minutes a day 5 day per week

Cost of Program: $2,465               Payment Plans Available*

Program requirements

  • High speed internet access
  • PC or laptop

How to begin:

Step 1.    Call for a consultation
Step 2.    Schedule an assessment
                     Assessments are $ 160 per hour
                     Assessments for adults range from 1-2 hours
Step 3.    Set your start date

*Payment Plans

You can make monthly payments through an installment agreement if you're not financially able to pay the full cost of the program immediately. You may pay the total cost of program fee plus 5% in three monthly installments.

You must not have any past due balances or late payments on your account or the full service fee amount will be due immediately and the program will be suspended.

There is a non-refundable enrollment fee of $640, included in the total cost of the program, in all the service packages.

Payment Plans are not available for the Competitive Package.